Imagine finishing school, finding a stable job, and enjoying life's best. Then you meet someone special, get married, and raise a family. One day, a company offers you a cushier job or maybe a post-graduate program in Philadelphia which you really want. It's now time to move.

The City of Brotherly Love has a business and living climate unlike any other in the East Coast. With a population of over five million, the place is bustling with opportunities such as billion-dollar investments on Main Street and a thriving cultural scene. Since the city has lower average rental fees of around $1,300 per square foot compared to Manhattan, which is at $2,776, anybody cosmopolitan enough will love this state and its many residential neighborhoods. When making a play on a suitable Philadelphia condominium for sale, real estate agents such as Joanne Davidow can help you find the unit that fits your need.

Finding a Flat

There are numerous condos in Philadelphia, each offering majestic views of popular landmarks such as Rittenhouse Square. However, with so many flats up for grabs, where do you even start looking? Getting settled right away is important if you are expected to start work or classes within a month of arriving.

If you're stumped with the planning, ask some reputable real estate agent for suggestions and recommendations. Agents usually have a listing of condominiums, apartments and homes for rent and sale that you'll immediately love. They're always ready to let you have a look at the units so you don't spend precious time going around the neighborhood.

House-hunting Philly-style

Condominium buildings in Philadelphia are a plenty, including the elegant Rittenhouse Plaza and The Barclay, or the quaint 250 South 18th Streets. All these are strategically located near fine restaurants, supermarkets and shopping rows. Most have spacious rooms with high ceilings and hardwood floors.

There are also several homes for sale in Philadelphia if you prefer living in your own stand-alone space. There are homes with two to four rooms and spacious dining rooms and kitchens. Even better, the city offers grants of up to $15,000 for Philly house-hunters under the CityLIFT program.

If you live off-state, being able to start a new life in places such as Philadelphia will be worth it if you are up to the challenge. It can even mean good times for your family with its numerous opportunities for work and education.


Philadelphia's cities are packed with condominiums, not a few still rising in the heart of Center City. And if you look closely at real estate Google Maps, you'll find there's a large concentration of modern Philadelphia condos for sale in Rittenhouse Square and through several city blocks.

The park at the northwest end of the district was named after David Rittenhouse, an influential scientist and a native of Pennsylvania. Some say he was second to Benjamin Franklin as the leading scientist in the United States during the 18th century. The place slipped into obscurity through several decades and it took as many decades of facelift before the square became the prime center of activity in Center City. You may say it's a story of success given that the park used to be nothing but brickyards.

In the late 1700s, the would-be district was devoted to making bricks with the abundance of clay in its vicinity. Around 150 years later, the area saw a building boom, mostly residential, as it grew to become a classy district in the city. Today, the view around the square is dominated by high-rise buildings, including residential condominiums, though a few old homes still stand.

There are many condos and homes for sale in Philadelphia right next to the park, the center of entertainment and social interaction in the area. Despite the city's hectic energy, Rittenhouse Park is a green refuge that offers people a relaxing place to unwind alone, or with some friends. It's much like Manhattan's Central Park.

As much as the park is well-known by day, it's more prominent at night with a string of bars and restaurants surrounding the park. You can enjoy the view of the park at night from the comfort of your condo unit or from any of the clubs and restaurants around the park. The place is practically open all day and night for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

Rittenhouse Square is one of the state's landscape testaments to quality living in the city-a Cinderella story of a place-from a dull landscape of brickyards to a green cosmopolitan square of sleek residences more than a century later. Choice trees and plants now grow at what used to be one of the largest clay deposits in the country. Ask your local real estate agent company, such as Joanne Davidow ( for choice spots in the area.


Owning a nice and cozy home in the suburbs has always been part of the American dream. The wholesome environment of suburban areas is ideal for couples who plan to settle down and raise a family. However, those who have imbibed the dynamic and on-the-go pace of urban living might not like a more laid-back setup. For these people, choosing from among the choice real estate in Center City Philadelphia seems to be a more likely choice.

Why consider living in a condo in Center City over a two-storey home in the suburbs? There are a lot of reasons. Some choose condos for the perks that tag along with the ownership, while others choose it for its location.

Urban areas are where most jobs, stores, restaurants, museums, theaters, and transit hubs are located. Any person knows that getting a slice of the action will not be as easy if you live in the suburbs. When you stay outside cities, you need to have your own vehicle or commute to get to places where you want to go.

This is why ideally located condominiums in Philadelphia have the edge. Most of these properties are near schools, hospitals, parks, and business districts. Their desirable location makes them ideal home choices for true-blooded urbanites.

While owning a traditional home gives more space and flexibility, it's not as simple as others think it is. Homeowners have to think of repairs and maintenance from the roof down to the lawn. There's also the matter of security which is the owner's added responsibility.

If you own a condo, your maintenance and security worries can be lowered to a bare minimum. While you still have to take care of everything inside your unit, most of the major maintenance tasks are shouldered by the homeowners' association. Space as a concern can be addressed by condo units with up to three rooms. They also have high ceilings and fireplaces, are pet-friendly and have a quaint city garden.

Lastly, a condominium complex offers amenities that average homeowners don't usually have. It has a swimming pool, spa and fitness facilities available anytime of the day. Convinced yet? If you feel that living in condos will suit your lifestyle to a T, get in touch with well-known real estate agents like Joanne Davidow today to view elegant condominiums in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the second largest in the US East Coast. As of the latest estimate for 2012, Philadelphia is home to around 1,547,607 people, according to the US Census Bureau, making it the sixth most populous metropolitan area in the U.S. Its rich history and robust cultural and economic life have made the city one of the most livable areas in this part of the globe.

In fact, there are more than enough reasons for people to want to live in the city, specifically in one of the many Philadelphia condos for sale. Just as city living provides a certain allure to some people, so does a condo lifestyle to some, if not most, of a city’s dwellers. This is why condo units offered by real estate professionals such as Joanne Davidow have appealed to many.

Condos are either residential or commercial units, or a mixture of both. Some people prefer the exclusive residential units, while others want a combination of both features for more convenience. Whichever way you prefer, condo living provides a particularly unique and convenient lifestyle that appeals to most city residents.

If you want to own a property with minimal maintenance, for instance, buying a condo will do you good. You will not have to mow the lawn or do home repairs on weekends. All these will be done by the condominium association’s administrative staff, which, of course, you will have to pay for regularly.

Some condo units are smaller and less expensive than single family homes. The best option for you depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget, but the good news is that you can choose condos of all shapes and sizes in different locations in Philadelphia. Their main advantage is that most of them are conveniently located near office buildings or shopping and entertainment areas.

Living in a condo also makes you enjoy gated entry, covered parking, 24-hour security, and many other amenities. However, if you prefer one of those suburban Philadelphia homes for sale, you have a lot of choices as well. It all depends on you which you think suits your lifestyle best—a condo or a conventional home.


When asked to name a U.S. city that’s teeming with culture and soul, most people would probably mention New York City. Yet the city of Brotherly Love is fast catching up ever since National Geographic Traveler dubbed it as the Next Great City back in 2005. Philadelphia’s outstanding contributions to the arts, not to mention its historical significance as the birthplace of the American flag and its brief reign as the nation’s temporary capital, make it such an interesting city to live in. The city is home to diverse groups of residents from various sectors—businessmen, students, artists, etc. If you're moving to Philly soon, you’ll want to check out the most ideal locations there. abound. Here’s a brief survey of the most notable places among Center City Philadelphia real estate neighborhoods.

Rittenhouse Square

This neighborhood was named in honor of the patriotic leader David Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse Square is characterized by the architectural style of Victorian aristocracy. Consequently, it was dubbed as the most fashionable residential section in Philadelphia during the second half of the 19th century. Only a few of the original Victorian-style mansions still stand as most have given way to more modern and lavish residences like the Rittenhouse Plaza.

Fitler Square

This community is a favorite site for annual events like the Spring Fair and the Holiday Tree Lighting, which draw huge crowds of locals and tourists alike. Local residents are known for their love of nature and tend to their gardens rather meticulously. Elegant townhouses with beautiful private patios line the streets of this charming neighborhood.

Avenue of the Arts

Also known as South Broad Street, the Avenue of the Arts is home to Philadelphia's most revered institutions dedicated to arts and culture. These include the historic Merriam Theater, where legendary actors like the late Katherine Hepburn and Laurence Olivier have performed. If you’re looking for high-rise condominiums in Philadelphia, this is perhaps the perfect location. Trusted realtors like Joanne Davidow can help you find a suitable townhouse, apartment, or condominium unit at any of the above neighborhoods. Once you’ve successfully settled, you can immerse yourself in the city's diverse cultural offerings.


There are many wonderful cities where you can buy a house, start a family, and enjoy your life. However, if you're currently looking at homes for sale in Philadelphia, take a moment to imagine what it's like to live in “The City That Loves You Back”. Well, here are some good reasons why you shouldn't settle for unrequited love anywhere and instead blissfully fall into Philadelphia's welcoming arms.

Sights and Seasons: Be Surrounded by Beauty and Fair Weather

The streets, neighborhoods, and parks of Philly are a sight to behold with its classic and stately architecture, creative murals, and artistic sculptures. Take Fairmount Park, for example, which is regarded as the largest landscaped urban park in the world. Thanks to its location in the mid-Atlantic region, Philly's weather is mild, and temperature extremes, such as heat waves or cold snaps, are quite rare.

Arts and Culture: Relive History and Enjoy Performances

Ballet, orchestra, museums, you name it, Philly's got it. If you're a fan of music, history, and performance arts, you will always find a fix in Philadelphia. Drop by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rodin Museum for artworks that will keep you transfixed. There are also the annual film festivals and fun parades that you mustn't miss.

Education: Experience the Height of Higher Learning

Philadelphia is home to many private and public institutions, most of which are famous for providing world-class education. Major research universities in the city include the Drexel University, Temple University, and the University of Pennsylvania. If you're planning to pursue higher education to open new doors of opportunities in your career, you'll have excellent choices of universities in Philadelphia.

Cuisine: Savor Soft Pretzels, Tasty Cheesesteaks, and More

If your food cravings are as diverse as the ingredients in infant formula, the roster of Philadelphia restaurants won't fail you. From budget-friendly to high-end establishments serving various cuisines, your choices are vast. Once you're in the city, you should treat yourself to its popular Cheesesteak sandwiches, hoagies, and soft pretzels. Whether you're considering townhouses or condos in Philadelphia, it's wise to consult a leading real estate agent like Joanne Davidow. Having a real estate professional at your side will help you choose the right property in a location that best suits your needs. Finding your dream home in Philly can be the start of the good life you've always wanted.


Alan J. Heavens reported in the June 2, 2013 issue of that the real estate market in Philadelphia has started to show signs of recovery, and that homes for sale in Philadelphia are getting multiple offers. He added that sales have gone up (which has never happened since the economic crisis that gripped the US in 2007) and houses are getting sold fast. To get the best buy for you and your family, here are some shopping tips for your new Philadelphia home.


As a general rule, know how much you can afford and aim for the property that suits your budget. Tally your expenses and if you think these won't allow you to purchase your dream home just yet, then you'd have to postpone for a while, or at least minimize the non-essentials. Save up, and when you're financially prepared, go for it.

Go Mortgage Shopping

Learn the interest rates and terms that different lenders offer. The two primary types of mortgages are fixed-rate and adjustable rate. A fixed rate mortgage has a set interest rate that will not vary for the duration of the loan, and total payment remains the same. The adjustable rate mortgage has changing interest rates but initial payments are low, and borrowers can get a larger loan.

Hire a Home Inspection Team

You don't want your ceiling falling off right when you're moving in. Hire a home contractor to look at the integrity of the structure, and to inspect for any pests that may have taken over the property while unoccupied. They can tell you the actual condition of the home, and whether or not repairs are necessary.

Find an Experienced Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is your best ally if you finally decide to get your own place, and industry leaders like Joanne Davidow can help you find a property in the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia. They can show you both homes for sale and rent in various Center City neighborhoods.

Buying a house is a serious decision. Whether you're considering houses or condos in Philadelphia, make sure that you have a trusted real estate agent by your side. Your decision to move in to Philadelphia just might be a sign of better things to come for you and your family.


According to an article by Natalie Kostelni, a reporter for the Philadelphia Business Journal, more people are moving to urban centers to live near their workplace, and thus, cut down on commuting costs. It isn't surprising, then, that real estate in Center City, Philadelphia is booming. Center City is generally regarded as the central business district of Philly, so it follows that several business centers are nearby. The city also has several cultural and entertainment amenities to offer so you can strike the perfect work-life balance.

Although the residential market in Center City took a hit during the recession, Kostelni's article reported a current upward trend. Between 2011 and 2012, the year the article was published, sales increased by two percent and the average sale price rose by 13 percent to $546,703. It appears that now is the best time to buy property in Center City before you get priced out of the market. Maybe now is the best time to contact a realtor.

Realtors are real estate agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors, an organization with a strict code of ethics and the highest levels of experience and expertise in the industry of buying and selling property. A realtor can help maximize your buying power in a highly competitive market like Center City. If you just give your basic financial information, they can even refer you to qualified lenders.

Aside from matching you with lenders, a realtor also has a variety of resources to help you find the home of your dreams. Realtors like Joanne Davidow have listings that aren't always actively advertised in the market. This is why hiring a locally based realtor is more ideal.

By hiring a local realtor, you can find the most ideal homes for sale in Philadelphia based on your buying power and specifications. Local agents are very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and can give you an objective opinion. They can also give you important information regarding resale value—very important in a real estate investment. Ultimately, you'll end up being happy with your purchase.

Moving to Center City is convenient since you'll be closest to your workplace and the urban hotspots that matter to you. For help in finding the most ideal property for you, hire a reputable realtor like Joanne Davidow.