Stuck on choosing which one among the various condos Center City Philadelphia real estate companies offer catches your fancy? You can't help but maybe marvel at all those condos you see, especially if they're all conveniently near your place of work. Alas, you have to decide on only one of them--and you have to do it well to make the most of your investment. With Center City's residential population hitting the 57,000 mark, there's an abundance of condos in many areas of the city that cater to various style preferences and practical tastes. Because of the many choices around, you might have to narrow them down to decide on which condo you think is right for you. Here are four tips that can help you choose among the condos for sale.

Think about the quality

With some people selling even at a loss in a down real estate market, you have the opportunity to find quality condos at a bargain. Consider the condo's structure; buildings have better construction and have less risk of defects than stand-alone houses. Think about the amenities; condos have far more amenities for all its residents than individual homes (unless you're a millionaire).

Check the fine print

Even if you finally choose one among the many condos for sale in Center City Philadelphia, ask for all relevant documents and go over them with a fine-toothed comb. Study them well before you close the deal. You can consult a real estate agent if you have questions or if there are terms and conditions unclear to you. Make certain everything is aboveboard and the seller has complied with all legal requirements.

Know your neighborhood

Remember that old Sesame Street song which goes, "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" That condo may look and feel great, but you might unnecessarily be in harm's way. Knowing the people and the basic services like groceries, pharmacies, schools, and public transport can give you a clearer picture of the neighborhood. Surely you want a place that's comfortable and safe.

Take your sweet time

Finding a condo that's a perfect match for you may be difficult but with the help of an agent from Joanne Davidow, for example, you just might get what you need in the neighborhood that you like. By taking time to look at the unit, assessing its price and discussing its pros and cons, you can find a condo you'll be happy with. Give these four tips a try, and start pruning your choice condos for sale in Philadelphia. Let real estate companies and agents alike, with their wealth of experience in buying and selling condos, help you in closing that real estate deal.