Investing in real-estate is a wonderful choice. Whether it's about buying a house and lot in the suburbs or a condo unit at one of the trendiest places around, the property market has limitless options for everyone brave enough to take the plunge. This is especially true when you're talking about finding a place of residence right in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, also known as Center City.

Center City has been pivotal in much of the City of Brotherly Love's more recent modern history: the eponymous "curse of Billy Penn" that began in 1987 with the rise of One Liberty Place, which seemed to have been broken when the Phillies made its World Series win four years ago. Downtown's 57,000-strong population makes it third overall in the national list of most populous downtown areas, just behind Chicago and NYC. As a result of this congestion, finding quality Philadelphia condos for sale can be a challenge. But thankfully, real-estate agents like Joanne Davidow can readily assist you.

Philadelphia's property market has been buzzing with apartment listings for a long time. They're scattered all over the city, from Chinatown to Penn's Landing. One particular high-rise complex has made the rounds, and tingles the ears of top-dollar flat hunters-the Murano at the corner of 21st and Market. Named after a glass-making town in Italy, the place first opened for occupancy in June 2008.

Recent reports have stated that Davidow was brought in to act as the sole agent for the property. At present, roughly 80 percent of the complex's 289 units have already been sold. As a result, the race is on to snap up the remaining 20 percent. Buyers looking for homes for sale in Philadelphia should consider going for this hot property.

An ad campaign to generate more interest in the property is already underway. Prices for the units currently range from $419,000 to a whopping $2.95 million. They feature Brazilian cherry or bamboo floors, black-tan or steel gray granite countertops, and steel finishes. The complex boasts 24-hour security and no valet parking. Buyers can have their taxes abated until January 2019.

Getting a suite at the Murano can be a rare privilege. It offers stunning views of the city and immediate access to several popular landmarks. But for those who are in the market for quality Philly condo living, it's never too late to give this a shot.