Imagine finishing school, finding a stable job, and enjoying life's best. Then you meet someone special, get married, and raise a family. One day, a company offers you a cushier job or maybe a post-graduate program in Philadelphia which you really want. It's now time to move.

The City of Brotherly Love has a business and living climate unlike any other in the East Coast. With a population of over five million, the place is bustling with opportunities such as billion-dollar investments on Main Street and a thriving cultural scene. Since the city has lower average rental fees of around $1,300 per square foot compared to Manhattan, which is at $2,776, anybody cosmopolitan enough will love this state and its many residential neighborhoods. When making a play on a suitable Philadelphia condominium for sale, real estate agents such as Joanne Davidow can help you find the unit that fits your need.

Finding a Flat

There are numerous condos in Philadelphia, each offering majestic views of popular landmarks such as Rittenhouse Square. However, with so many flats up for grabs, where do you even start looking? Getting settled right away is important if you are expected to start work or classes within a month of arriving.

If you're stumped with the planning, ask some reputable real estate agent for suggestions and recommendations. Agents usually have a listing of condominiums, apartments and homes for rent and sale that you'll immediately love. They're always ready to let you have a look at the units so you don't spend precious time going around the neighborhood.

House-hunting Philly-style

Condominium buildings in Philadelphia are a plenty, including the elegant Rittenhouse Plaza and The Barclay, or the quaint 250 South 18th Streets. All these are strategically located near fine restaurants, supermarkets and shopping rows. Most have spacious rooms with high ceilings and hardwood floors.

There are also several homes for sale in Philadelphia if you prefer living in your own stand-alone space. There are homes with two to four rooms and spacious dining rooms and kitchens. Even better, the city offers grants of up to $15,000 for Philly house-hunters under the CityLIFT program.

If you live off-state, being able to start a new life in places such as Philadelphia will be worth it if you are up to the challenge. It can even mean good times for your family with its numerous opportunities for work and education.