Some analysts predict that more people will soon move out of the suburbs in favor of more urbanized areas. With property prices at all-time lows, people see little reason to hold on to their large homes that are now worth less than their original purchase price. Although suburban living makes sense for larger families aiming to raise children in a wholesome environment, smaller household units may find it less cost efficient.

Why is this so? Suburbs are typically located outside cities, making transportation a necessity. Families will be faced with the added expense of owning their own vehicle to get from their distant homes to work or school, to run errands, or go anywhere in town. The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports that the average American travels 12,000 miles a year and spends $1,333 on fuel alone. These funds could be allocated for more important purposes such as medical emergencies. If you're planning to relocate without wasting money in the process, you may want to consider Center City Philadelphia real estate.

You'll find many appealing reasons to live in Philadelphia. The city is renowned as the birthplace of the Constitution and is considered the red-headed stepchild to the Big Apple, with its cosmopolitan lifestyle and vibrant arts and culture scene. It is home to Fairmount Park and the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university. In addition, Philadelphia is a mere two hours away from places like Washington DC and New York and within a day's drive of nearly half the American population.

Center City, also recognized as Downtown Philadelphia, is an ideal community. The area includes the central business district as well as the central neighborhoods of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Center City Philadelphia homes for sale boast of charming neighborhoods, chic social hotspots, and other features to perk up your city life.

Philadelphia is teeming with condos and homes for sale, such that the wide range of excellent choices can be overwhelming. Luckily, reputable real estate agents like Joanne Davidow can help you find properties that fit your ideal lifestyle. Real estate agents can also draw your attention to minute details or problems about the property you may have failed to notice after being dazzled by its attractive features.

Living in a city like Philadelphia puts the world in the palm of your hand. You'll learn to embrace the daily effervescence of city life and the best that this historic former capital has to offer. Get in touch with real estate agents like Joanne Davidow today and have a look at condominiums in Philadelphia.