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My husband and I truly could not have been in better hands. Joanne is lightening fast in her responses to texts, calls, and emails, and she was always available the instant we needed her with anything. She is passionate and enthusiastic, extremely professional, and was our advocate at every point of the listing and selling process. Her wisdom and guidance are unparalleled—and our home sale was a challenging one—but she led us through the process with a calm and reassuring manner. In addition to her knowledge and expertise, her personality is warm and positive, patient, and so caring. Because of Joanne’s excellent negotiating skills, we sold our house at an excellent price and closed exactly when we wanted. We would use her again in a heartbeat.

- Wendy Steinberg

Selling real estate is complicated. But not if Joanne Davidow is you agent. She makes the process so easy, by knowing and sharing with you all the best things to do to get the best price for your property with the fewest complications. It's almost fun to have Joanne guiding your ship through the selling - and buying process. Thank you Joanne for all ofyour help, and your smile.
- Bettyruth Walter

My wife and I have moved 14 times over our 55 years together. What is the expression - the 14th time is the charm? The charm was our real estate agent extraordinaire, Joanne Davidow. Years before we moved from our recently sold condo, we spoke about the time when we would put it up for sale. Even at that time, we knew the reputation of Joanne and how there would be no other agent we would contact. So when the time came, we contacted her. We met her shortly thereafter at our condo and signed the agreement to make her our agent. The real estate market was slow when we put our condo up for sale. Joanne explained that to us and reassured us the condo would sell because it was so beautiful. It took several months but Joanne was right. Her manner of approaching a situation like selling our condo was one of knowledge, confidence, honesty and professionalism. She advertised everywhere. She had many open houses. She generated an interest in the condo which amazed us. The condo was sold. Everything ran smoothly from the first signature on the real estate contract to the last signature on the title report. She gave us names of people who could help us pack, move, clean - just everything so we wouldn't worry. Without reservation or hesitation, we would recommend Joanne to anyone wanting to sell their property. She was also out front on helping us find a new rental apartment in which to live. If I ever have another property to sell, Joanne would definitely be our agent. She is the best. Thank you, Joanne.
- Irene and Buz Eizen

Joanne flawlessly guided us through a hectic and unexpected two month period during which we sold our home and purchased a new place. Her advise was accurate and demonstrated a deep knowledge of the present market. Most importantly, she was always available to us and ready to respond to our needs.
- Bob Tirone

We had the best experience working with Joanne Davidow representing us twice, in the sale of our home, and again in the purchase of our condominium. Her knowledge of how to prepare our home for sale and her negotiation skills on how to reestablish in our condo is so appreciated. It's clear that Joanne really cared about our well-being in developing, structuring, and executing our entire transition.
- Pamela Rimato


Hard to say enough good things about Joanne Davidow. She is exceptional. Super knowledgeable, thoughtful, honest and attentive. She was there for us every step of the way and made our home search/buying process easy and enjoyable. A great partner and advocate. If you are looking for an experienced, trusted real estate professional in Philadelphia, I can’t recommend Joanne enough.
- Dixon Shay

Joanne Davidow is the best! Joanne continues to be Center City’s most expert real estate agent. Period. She knows and understands the market and both buyer and seller points of view. Joanne provides detailed, honest, and attentive communications and expertise to her clients. Joanne is the best!
- Sharon Rodin


Joanne Davidow is the absolute best in her field, bar none.I have bought and sold dozens of properties over the years and have never before experienced this high a level of sophistication, professionalism and execution.From the appraisal process, suggestions on staging and marketing to the regular communication on viewings and management of the closing process, Joanne’s service was flawless. I cannot recommend Joanne and her team highly enough.

-Glen T. Senk, CEO David Yurman


Most Are JV.
Some Are Varsity
A Few Are All-Stars.
But You, Joanne,
Are Hall of Fame!
Thanks For Everything!

- Paul Raden, Chief Marketing Officer, Relay Network, LLC

I have worked with Joanne on four real estate transactions and there’s a reason I keep coming back to her and her team – she is truly the best! Joanne is EXTREMELY responsive, thorough and works to get everything (as a client) I’m looking for. With Joanne and her team, I can be confident that all elements of the deal are handled swiftly and with great quality (nothing falls through the cracks), which allows me to take a more relaxed posture in an otherwise stressful experience (home buying). If you are looking for a team that is lightening quick, extremely customer-service oriented, thorough and -- most importantly -- honest and kind, Joanne and her team are it!
- Caroline P. 

Joanne and her team are the best in the city. They know the market well and when dealing with other brokers in the city they are well respected. I have bought and sold multiple homes with Joanne and she has always treated us like family. Buying a home is stressful but they were there every step of the way. Our family cannot be more thankful to Joanne and her team. Thank you!
-James N. 

We were delighted to work with Joanne and Ilana to purchase our first home in Philadelphia. They provided great information, helped us locate properties that were a good fit for us, and were terrific advocates for us in the bidding and home buying process. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. Highly recommend!
-Paula Fomby

In today's economic climate, it's important to join forces with a true professional like Joanne Davidow.Her experience and calm demeanor make the buyer-seller dynamic a bit less complicated, and we always had complete confidence in her ability to represent us. Her depth of knowledge about Center City real estate is so valuable. When we are in the market again, she will be our first call!

- Joann and Phillip Burstein


I have only good things to say about Joanne. She answered every question I had immediately and she never made me feel like any question was unimportant. She also provided me with complete and truthful information about the area and about each apartment I looked at during my search. I recommend her highly.

- Cathee Gelman

We worked with Joanne Davidow and her associates Ilana Moskowitz and Kerry English. What a great team! We were relocating from Maine to Philadelphia and after just a couple of conversations, Joanne zeroed in on exactly the right kinds of places to show us. Thanks to this amazingly professional and knowledgeable trio, we found the perfect place! Joanne is an absolute pro and helped us with each question that came up during the negotiation and settlement process. Joanne, Kerry, and Ilana are pretty busy and yet we always felt like we were their number one priority. Moving is hard - it's emotional and expensive - and I can't imagine better professional guidance for managing all the issues of real estate. We are grateful.
-Whitney Soule

We love designing and customizing areas of the home that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly designed to fit our lifestyle. As such each area of the home was designed with these goals in mind. And, on top of that the details and the quality of each item was done in a way that the finished products were very high end.

I needed a real estate professional who had the appreciation for all the details and who could convey those to the potential buyers To me, that aspect was even more important in a realtor than completely knowing the neighborhood. The person on top of my list was Joanne Davidow. I had previously worked with Joanne on sale of my condo in Rittenhouse and I remembered how she presented that property and brought in top dollars in that building for my unit and setting a new price high bar. So, I called Joanne to do it again for this home.

I could go on and on in listing everything in detail. Bottom Line - You can't go wrong with Joanne. She has the appreciation for luxury properties, the appreciation for all the details and presenting them as they should be. On top of all that is her business acumen that comes from years' of experience in the industry. She is also assisted by her team members Ilana and Kerry who are also very professional and make things happen in a timely manner. Together they are a great team to have on your side.
Go with Joanne Davidow Team.
- Pradeep Gupta 

I have purchased and sold many Philadelphia properties over the last 20 years with Joanne Davidow, mostly in Rittenhouse Square. Joanne is a true professional, she gives an honest, experienced and expert opinion of value whether you are a buyer or seller. She does not waste your time nor hers, and gets the job done in a most professional fashion; she gets this done with her expert and superb support "back of the office" team.
I would never think of using anyone else and will continue to do so!
- Gie Liem

Joanne and her colleagues are truly wonderful to work with: caring, responsive, insightful, and experienced. We will be recommending them to everyone we know.
- Niel Harrison

Joanne is the gift that keeps giving! Every step of this difficult process,
every showing and every one of our concerns - Joanne & her team were available, helpful and on top of things. Could not have gotten through this without her and will always feel lucky to have found her.
- Harry A. Doyle, M.D.


 Thanks Joanne, I enjoyed working with you, and you did a great job! I am very happy that I did entrust you with the sale. Your experience and working knowledge of the real estate market was such an important factor in making this process work for us. You were so easy to communicate with and you gave me confidence to let you take care of all the details.......Thanks and good luck with all of your upcoming sales!
- Bill Tecosky

We came to Joanne by way of her outstanding reputation in the Center City residential market. Indeed, she seems well-connected and in tune with the market.  She is extremely engaged and loves her work. We relied on her years of experience to make buying a home in a hot market as painless and stress-free as possible. She makes herself immediately available to her clients - even if she's on vacation.  And if she can't be available in person, she has a capable staff to take care of most matters.  A few thorny issues popped up, and she provided brilliant solutions only a seasoned pro could to protect us from significant risk exposure.  She has a keen awareness of buyer psychology and can adapt approaches to suit a variety of clients
- Mike and Nancy Eiseman

 I want to make sure you know how much I appreciate you leading your team to a successful sale of 622 spruce. You did exactly what I needed done. And closed before January,. Well done Joanne
- Steve Krupnick

I cannot recommend Joanne and her team enough. What an incredible and seamless process to sell our house (not to mention super fast and at full asking price). From the moment we decided to sell, Joanne and her team were available 24/7 to guide us through all steps of the process. You will not be disappointed!
- Lindsay & Tim Dwyer

Dear Joanne, I just wanted to again thank you for all of your efforts. You are clearly excellent in your profession and a treasure to Philadelphia. I wish you continued health and happiness. With all respect,
- Mark Burlingame MD


I must say you earned every penny and the representation was splendid. Feel free to show this to any prospective clients-so they too can benefit from your expertise. 

- Robert Taplinger


 Joanne, With the settlement of our property now in the rearview mirror, I just wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding job you did in navigating us through the entire selling experience over the relatively condensed time-span. Not only did you bring us a buyer in short order and negotiated a very good final offer, but you responded promptly to all the issues – large and small -- that came up along the way. In particular, you jumped right in when an issue arose regarding the deposit. I have encountered many instances where such demands over relatively small amounts of money have led to potentially blowing up the transaction, or at the very least, significant legal time on both sides trying to reach a resolution, and we were very happy to avoid that result in this case. I also want to extend our gratitude to your helpful and responsive staff in bringing this matter to a prompt and very satisfactory conclusion.  Thanks and good luck with all of your upcoming sales!

- Ralph N. Teeters Teeters Harvey Marrone & Kaier LLP 


On behalf of Vinnie and I, thank you all so much for your guidance and support over the past few months! You made this process so much easier for us and our families and we greatly appreciate it all. I am sure we are all happy to wrap this up! I will certainly recommend your team for anyone buying in the area. Wishing you continued success and health in 2018! 

- Maria and Vinnie


 Our home was one of only a handful of dual lot properties in the Spring Garden neighborhood. After having performed a full rehab and developed an addition to the house, we entertained several approaches from various real estate agents and knew interest would be high. We were considering marketing our property ourselves as a FSBO, until Joanne Davidow came along. Drawing on the confidence and experience of her tremendous track record, she managed to convince us that our net price expectations would be met, if not exceeded, if we listed the property through her agency. We were skeptical at first. But I must say that she and her team pulled off the feat, and in a quick time frame too. I do not hesitate to recommend Joanne Davidow to discerning sellers in the Philadelphia market. Kind regards from Seattle, 

- Matthew van Wollen


My wife and I were very concerned about whom we should choose to sell our property, a lovely town home in the Rittenhouse/Fitler Square portion of Center City. We interviewed a half dozen real estate agents, most from Prudential, all sharp and knowledgeable.

When it came to deciding, however, Joanne appeared to us to be the most experienced and pragmatic of the agents we had met. She was especially collaborative regarding pricing, a process which has a strong foundation in the facts related to comparable sales but has a significant overlay of “feel”. The sales price was our decision, but it clearly was a team process. Joanne offered supportive wisdom and counsel, which we found very reassuring regarding the final figure.

Once we chose her, Joanne and her team did all the work. We needed to tidy up, but the showing of the house and associated details were masterfully handled by her and her colleagues.In the end, the house sold quickly and painlessly, and I think we received a very fair price for it.

In our opinion, the process could not have been handled better, from the initial sales presentation to us, to closing, which, by the way, was handled totally by Joanne and her team.

My wife and I could not have been more pleased and relieved with our choice and how well Joanne handled everything for us. 

Glenn Whitman M.D. - Director, CVSICU and Heart Transplant , Johns Hopkins Hospital


Joanne Davidow is the best realtor in the region. Period. She has sold two of our houses at asking price in under a week. She has the best resources and contacts in the area and knows exactly how to utilize them. From beginning to end Joanne will amaze you with her professionalism, tenacity and technique. Do yourself a favor, when you're looking to buy, sell or rent, call Joanne! 

- Kimberly Schrier


Joanne, you and your team all possess the equanimous personality required for your profession and I'm sure pesky buyers and sellers don't phase anyone of you, so thank you all again for being the buffer we needed and Joanne, for providing the sound advice necessary when the deal faltered.
Selling that house has added a decade to my life, and I will never be able to thank you enough for your professionalism, support and the speed with which you did it. Very best regards and continued success for your outstanding team.

- Sue Ann Mcelroy