When asked to name a U.S. city that’s teeming with culture and soul, most people would probably mention New York City. Yet the city of Brotherly Love is fast catching up ever since National Geographic Traveler dubbed it as the Next Great City back in 2005. Philadelphia’s outstanding contributions to the arts, not to mention its historical significance as the birthplace of the American flag and its brief reign as the nation’s temporary capital, make it such an interesting city to live in. The city is home to diverse groups of residents from various sectors—businessmen, students, artists, etc. If you're moving to Philly soon, you’ll want to check out the most ideal locations there. abound. Here’s a brief survey of the most notable places among Center City Philadelphia real estate neighborhoods.

Rittenhouse Square

This neighborhood was named in honor of the patriotic leader David Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse Square is characterized by the architectural style of Victorian aristocracy. Consequently, it was dubbed as the most fashionable residential section in Philadelphia during the second half of the 19th century. Only a few of the original Victorian-style mansions still stand as most have given way to more modern and lavish residences like the Rittenhouse Plaza.

Fitler Square

This community is a favorite site for annual events like the Spring Fair and the Holiday Tree Lighting, which draw huge crowds of locals and tourists alike. Local residents are known for their love of nature and tend to their gardens rather meticulously. Elegant townhouses with beautiful private patios line the streets of this charming neighborhood.

Avenue of the Arts

Also known as South Broad Street, the Avenue of the Arts is home to Philadelphia's most revered institutions dedicated to arts and culture. These include the historic Merriam Theater, where legendary actors like the late Katherine Hepburn and Laurence Olivier have performed. If you’re looking for high-rise condominiums in Philadelphia, this is perhaps the perfect location. Trusted realtors like Joanne Davidow can help you find a suitable townhouse, apartment, or condominium unit at any of the above neighborhoods. Once you’ve successfully settled, you can immerse yourself in the city's diverse cultural offerings.