Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the second largest in the US East Coast. As of the latest estimate for 2012, Philadelphia is home to around 1,547,607 people, according to the US Census Bureau, making it the sixth most populous metropolitan area in the U.S. Its rich history and robust cultural and economic life have made the city one of the most livable areas in this part of the globe.

In fact, there are more than enough reasons for people to want to live in the city, specifically in one of the many Philadelphia condos for sale. Just as city living provides a certain allure to some people, so does a condo lifestyle to some, if not most, of a city’s dwellers. This is why condo units offered by real estate professionals such as Joanne Davidow have appealed to many.

Condos are either residential or commercial units, or a mixture of both. Some people prefer the exclusive residential units, while others want a combination of both features for more convenience. Whichever way you prefer, condo living provides a particularly unique and convenient lifestyle that appeals to most city residents.

If you want to own a property with minimal maintenance, for instance, buying a condo will do you good. You will not have to mow the lawn or do home repairs on weekends. All these will be done by the condominium association’s administrative staff, which, of course, you will have to pay for regularly.

Some condo units are smaller and less expensive than single family homes. The best option for you depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget, but the good news is that you can choose condos of all shapes and sizes in different locations in Philadelphia. Their main advantage is that most of them are conveniently located near office buildings or shopping and entertainment areas.

Living in a condo also makes you enjoy gated entry, covered parking, 24-hour security, and many other amenities. However, if you prefer one of those suburban Philadelphia homes for sale, you have a lot of choices as well. It all depends on you which you think suits your lifestyle best—a condo or a conventional home.