Owning a nice and cozy home in the suburbs has always been part of the American dream. The wholesome environment of suburban areas is ideal for couples who plan to settle down and raise a family. However, those who have imbibed the dynamic and on-the-go pace of urban living might not like a more laid-back setup. For these people, choosing from among the choice real estate in Center City Philadelphia seems to be a more likely choice.

Why consider living in a condo in Center City over a two-storey home in the suburbs? There are a lot of reasons. Some choose condos for the perks that tag along with the ownership, while others choose it for its location.

Urban areas are where most jobs, stores, restaurants, museums, theaters, and transit hubs are located. Any person knows that getting a slice of the action will not be as easy if you live in the suburbs. When you stay outside cities, you need to have your own vehicle or commute to get to places where you want to go.

This is why ideally located condominiums in Philadelphia have the edge. Most of these properties are near schools, hospitals, parks, and business districts. Their desirable location makes them ideal home choices for true-blooded urbanites.

While owning a traditional home gives more space and flexibility, it's not as simple as others think it is. Homeowners have to think of repairs and maintenance from the roof down to the lawn. There's also the matter of security which is the owner's added responsibility.

If you own a condo, your maintenance and security worries can be lowered to a bare minimum. While you still have to take care of everything inside your unit, most of the major maintenance tasks are shouldered by the homeowners' association. Space as a concern can be addressed by condo units with up to three rooms. They also have high ceilings and fireplaces, are pet-friendly and have a quaint city garden.

Lastly, a condominium complex offers amenities that average homeowners don't usually have. It has a swimming pool, spa and fitness facilities available anytime of the day. Convinced yet? If you feel that living in condos will suit your lifestyle to a T, get in touch with well-known real estate agents like Joanne Davidow today to view elegant condominiums in Philadelphia.