Philadelphia's cities are packed with condominiums, not a few still rising in the heart of Center City. And if you look closely at real estate Google Maps, you'll find there's a large concentration of modern Philadelphia condos for sale in Rittenhouse Square and through several city blocks.

The park at the northwest end of the district was named after David Rittenhouse, an influential scientist and a native of Pennsylvania. Some say he was second to Benjamin Franklin as the leading scientist in the United States during the 18th century. The place slipped into obscurity through several decades and it took as many decades of facelift before the square became the prime center of activity in Center City. You may say it's a story of success given that the park used to be nothing but brickyards.

In the late 1700s, the would-be district was devoted to making bricks with the abundance of clay in its vicinity. Around 150 years later, the area saw a building boom, mostly residential, as it grew to become a classy district in the city. Today, the view around the square is dominated by high-rise buildings, including residential condominiums, though a few old homes still stand.

There are many condos and homes for sale in Philadelphia right next to the park, the center of entertainment and social interaction in the area. Despite the city's hectic energy, Rittenhouse Park is a green refuge that offers people a relaxing place to unwind alone, or with some friends. It's much like Manhattan's Central Park.

As much as the park is well-known by day, it's more prominent at night with a string of bars and restaurants surrounding the park. You can enjoy the view of the park at night from the comfort of your condo unit or from any of the clubs and restaurants around the park. The place is practically open all day and night for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

Rittenhouse Square is one of the state's landscape testaments to quality living in the city-a Cinderella story of a place-from a dull landscape of brickyards to a green cosmopolitan square of sleek residences more than a century later. Choice trees and plants now grow at what used to be one of the largest clay deposits in the country. Ask your local real estate agent company, such as Joanne Davidow ( for choice spots in the area.